Request about datasets

I’m fairly early in the curriculum but at least in this lesson on numpy, they cite the taxi dataset and give a link, but it doesn’t lead exactly to the dataset and I don’t know what to download.

I’d like it if in every lesson you could provide a link to download the exact dataset being used, maybe with the command used to load it (although that has been provided so far). My wish is to try things out locally before running the code on dataquest, it would help immensely.

This or have the option to load a jupyter notebook (loaded with the dataset) like the guided projects on a tab aside from the normal interface.


Go to your profile and click download tab and select the course to download. You need to run at least one Mission in the course to able to download it.

Hey @nyo,

If you’d like more info and instructions, you can read: How do I download the data sets you use in your missions/projects? .

Happy learning!

Thanks!! Got it, it’s great following the lectures like this with Spyder and Jupyter :smiley:

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