Request feedback on guided project 1

Hello DataQuest Fam…This is my first project and I am really excited getting to this point. Please I need your honest and constructive feedback…Thank You!

Hi @okorochukwunonso,

Congratulations on finishing your first project!

I’d love to see it, however, you don’t have it uploaded yet. The link you provided goes to the mission page, not your project. Here’s how you can share your project with the community:


Oh…Thank you so much for that. I’ve created a new post with my project file uploaded.

Please do check it out and review.

Hi @okorochukwunonso,

I saw your other post, but like @brayanopiyo18 suggested, the mission screen link is still needed so that DQ can auto-generate the relevant tags. It is also mentioned in the guide:

Also, your project didn’t have an auto-generated nbviewer link somehow. Here’s what you can do to update the post and add the link:

I know this seems a lot of hassle to go through at first, but it’s actually pretty simple once you get it right. Plus it’s definitely worth it to share your project with the super friendly and talented people – and you are one of them now – in this community. :wink:

Can’t wait to see your project!


Thank you for being kind…Done…You can now review!

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