Request for community feedback: Ebay Car Sales Data

project link :
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exploring_ebay_car_sales_data.ipynb (67.3 KB)

I would love ro receive some comments about my project style and about the accuracy and the completeness of my analysis.

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Hi @thaysom22! I enjoyed reading your project. You’ve written a very clean code with lots of comments. I also saw that you used lambda functions that are the object of the next DQ missions so great on learning about them early on!

A few suggestions:

  1. You could include the results of your project in the beginning so people may understand what you’ve found out before reading the whole project.
  2. Hence you can finish your project with conclusions describing if you’ve achieved your aim and a more thorough analysis of your observations.
  3. You’ve stubmled upon the SettingWithCopyWarning. Make sure that this warning doesn’t cause any problem in your code! You may read more about this warning here.

Happy coding!

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Thanks for the comments Artur.

I found the article on the SettingWithCopyWarning very useful and it gave me more insight into updating Dataframes correctly.

Hope to interact with you again soon.