Request for Feedback for Investigating Fandango Movie Rating System

Hi everyone!
I request the members to give this project a quick look and provide me with your valuable feedback.
Thank you very much,
best regards,

Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings.ipynb (217.1 KB)

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Hi! Thanks for sharing your new project with the Community:) I liked it and I think you’ve improved greatly compared to your another project on eBay car sales. You have better defined the goal of the project and I liked how you described the approach before the coding part:)

Here are some suggestions:

  • As I said in your eBay project, it’s better to merge some heading like “Importing Libraries” and “Loading Datasets”
  • Code comments are good, although sometimes the description is a bit excessive like in code cell [32]. It’s not necessary to say that the method uses vectors to extract characters
  • When you check for the number of ratings, you should provide the link to the website where you collected this data
  • In code cell [45] be aware of SettingWithCopyWarning. It may indicate that you are doing something wrong and the results may be incorrect. Read more about this warning here
  • You used the fivethirtyeight style for the last plot. Why not use the same style for the first two plots? Otherwise, you’ll have to despine them, make axes labels bigger, and deal with skewed x-axis tick labels. Also, make sure that botht plots have the same figsize to allow an easier comparison
  • Set the important parts of the conclusions to bald

That’s it for me! Good luck with your future projects, and happy coding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi Artur!
Thank you so much bud. Your feedback has helped me a lot.
And I am so glad about it.
I struggle a lot in making conclusions :S
But I understand that for many key people, it must be the most important part of the workbook.

Secondly, I know the comments are redundant. But I made them for others who struggle with code. But I think I should keep two separate copies. One with much lesser comments haha.

I am going to upload my both workbooks with all those improvements you suggested.
Thanks a lot, Artur.
Your feedback has brought a lot of improvement in my work.

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