Request for feedback: Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi all, this is Chris and I would like to share my second project (I skipped the android and iOS project) with the Dataquest community.

As usual, I would greatly appreciate any improvements/clarifications I can make to my code and explanations.

exploring_hacker_news_posts (1).ipynb (289.5 KB)

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I just managed to add the nbviewer link in the opening post. Apologies!

Edit: also fixed the navigation links.

@chuawt your project is wonderfully done :star_struck:. It was a great read and I believe you have done an amazing job :100:. As soon as I opened it, the word clean was what came to mind.
Your visuals are also quite interesting. They serve the purpose, they are drawn out for.

I have a few pointers which hopefully will help to bring it closer to perfection.
(Click the arrow bullet point for the detailed review.)

Presentation Style
  • Once you feel you are done with the project, re-run the entire project so that the cells start from [1]. This ensures that the cells are contiguous
  • While you have added a separate section for conclusion, I would encourage you to expand on your conclusion. A brief summary of specific analysis points in it would support your decision and this is what is expected out of an analyst. I would also encourage you to summarize your report in the conclusion. TL;DR readers would find it especially valuable.
Coding Style
  • It is always best to round your output values e.g This line in cell[67] could be re-written as

to round to 2 decimal places

  • I noticed that you got the SettingWithCopy Warning. If you are willing to do a bit of reading you should be able to resolve the issue.
  • Nothing to add.

Great job! If you keep at this pace… you should hit the stars pretty soon :rocket:

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Wow @jesmaxavier! Thanks for the detailed suggestions and advice. They are really helpful to me, especially the conclusion section and the SettingWithCopy warning.


exploring-hacker-news-posts.ipynb (445.6 KB)
hacker_news.csv (3.0 MB)

Here’s version 2 incorporating the above suggestions and advice. Enjoy.

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