Request for feedback: Guided Project: Prison Break

Hi, I’m new here.
Please let me know any areas that I missed out on or was not clear about.
Also, let me know if my code needs more refinement.

Thank you in advance!

prison-break.ipynb (79.1 KB)

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Hello, @chuawt. Welcome to the DQ community and good job on completing your first guided project.

  • Good job on adding an interesting introduction using a reference to a popular tv series which relates to your project and also stating the goal of your analysis and what you’re findings are going to be.
  • I see that you are already familiar with the Pandas and few other libraries, so that’s a head start, since those are one of the important libraries for data analysis.
  • You could have added an explanation for removing the ‘details’ column and why you are doing that.
  • Your code looks good to me and requires no refinement.

Overall, a great first project, I would say. Good luck on your learning journey. :smiley:


Thanks, @vishallbabu5 for your kind comments and areas of improvement!

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Hi @chuawt,

Welcome to DQ and nice work on your first project!


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Thanks @shaun.oilund! I’m also learning a lot from your Interstate notebook, especially the Table of Contents navigation links. Hope to learn more from you!


That’s great, the community is a great source to tap into and there are always people willing to help!

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