Requesting feedback on Guided Project : Star Wars

Hi all,

Sharing a guided project in the community after a long time. This is my take on Star Wars Survey for your feedback and comments.

I have tried to work on the first step presented in the next steps page. It would be appreciated if you could give me your comments on how I have attempted to analyse it.

star_wars.ipynb (491.7 KB)

Looking forward to your comments. :slight_smile:


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


This was my favorite project to do. I always look forward to seeing how other people approach it too because it leaves a lot of room for creativity and personality. Your first line made me laugh right out of the gate. :rofl:

Great job as always. :slight_smile:

I didn’t look into it before, but I after looking at the differences in opinion based on education level, I wondered about age as a factor. (My son suddenly wanted to watch the whole saga (and Rogue One) in chronological order, and he thought Jar Jar Binks was the greatest character ever. I’m curious what he’ll think about episodes 4-6.)

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your feedback @april.g. :slight_smile: I am not very sure how to approach the second step in the next steps page, as I’m not a fan of SW and have never watched even an episode ever and don’t know any of the character’s names, let alone the major characters. :neutral_face: That is making it difficult for me to possibly clean the columns 15-29. And I didn’t want to copy from the other awesome projects shared here. Hence only attempted the first step. :frowning:

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updated the project to analyse views and rankings by age factor. :slight_smile:

Really interesting, I wasn’t expecting the results to be that consistent across generations. I guess Episode 5 really is the best one! Thanks for sharing!