Requesting Feedback Project 3

Hi, hope you are doing well

Attached you will find my Project 3

Project_3_Exploring_Ebay_Car_Sales_Data.ipynb (1.7 MB)

Thanks, have a great week

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Luis C Baez L

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hi @luiscbaezl

I am also a learner just like you, so I am sharing as a learner to learner.

I enjoyed going through the project, till I came across cell 40! Is it like a thumb rule you have to love cars if you are “Male”?

how does printing names of all cars help us in data cleanup or analysis :thinking: :confused:
I scrolled down to almost bottom then gave up, closed off, came back again scrolled down, waited and then saw you have conclusions based on Name column! (It really takes time to render)

Anywho, I could see you took the course content to make a narrative for the project (copy-paste I do that too :grin: ).

What I really like about your project was you added additional comments after almost every analysis you did, which included both functional and technical aspects of the analysis being performed. :+1:

You have also input comments for every code you have done.
Not going into technical results, you have concluded your project well so kudos for that :slight_smile:.

May be more in terms of formatting like bold/ italics instead of everything in the highlighted will help to increase the readability of the project.