Required "xlim parameter to (0,10)" won't be of any help!

The defined x limit (0, 10) won’t allow us to visually see the difference between the 3 years :

Something like xlim=(5.3, 5.4) could be more relevant


Yes, On this scale all seem to be the same. Smaller scale will be helpful. Please also add mission link with same and tags.

You can refer this guideline


Hi @ant1.meyniel,

I had the same question when doing this task. It seems that the aim here is exactly this: to show that there is no considerable difference between the values of happiness scores. Well, the difference of second decimals places (not even decimals) doesn’t really change the whole picture. And this xlim(0,10) was selected just to represent the whole range of happiness score values from 0 to 10.


Good point, thank you Elena :slight_smile:

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