Results printed after explore_data function has a "None" at the end

Screen Link:

When I run the result of explore data of the both english app lists, after column and row numbers, there is a “None” printed.

Not sure what happened.

Hey there!

Can you please attach a .ipynb copy of your notebook (or upload it to so we can take a closer look? My gut feeling is that your function isn’t returning an object correctly, but it’s hard to tell without a bit more context.

project1.ipynb (27.3 KB)

Hi @dustindq. Thank you for the reply. I have attached the notebook. You can see that “None” is in the result of ‘‘In [13]’’ Thanks a lot.

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Hey, Ling.

Here’s a simpler version of the same behavior:

>>> def print_successor(k): print(k+1) 
... # We define a function that prints the result of adding 1 to the input
>>> print_successor(17) # Here we simply call the function
>>> print(print_successor(17)) # Here print the actual call of the function

At the beginning of your project you’re using the function as in the second code line above. Later on, you get None because you’re basically printing a print call, like in the last code line above.

This is the short answer. Let me know if this isn’t enough and I can dive deeper. In the latter case, please try to articulate what exactly is it that is escaping you.

Hi @Bruno! Thanks for explaining! How could i missed that! The printings are already described in the funtion.

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