Review Analyzing NYC High School Data


Analyzing NYC High School Data mission finished.

Any kind of feedback will be appreciated, it took me a while but I used some interesting python libraries.

Schools.ipynb (1.4 MB)

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Hello @raduspaimoc, thanks for sharing your work. Your project looks amazing. It is very interesting and easy to follow along on what you are doing. These are some things to rectify:

  1. There’s a grammatical error here:

In this project are used the following Python packages:

It should be In this project, We/I used the following Python packages or The following Python Packages are used in this project

  1. Some of your plots are not rendered in the nbviewer.
    Check out this to learn how to render the plots

Happy Learning!

@info.victoromondi Hey, I don’t understant what happend with the plots no rendered in the nb,

In my case I can see them all on the attached link, can you concrete more?