Review:Cleaning Ebay vehicle sales data (Guided Project) - RK

[Basics.ipynb|attachment](upload://mvxTWXhF77SXs7MJ8fqtgLHt3mv.ipynb) (178.6 KB)[Basics.ipynb|attachment](upload://mvxTWXhF77SXs7MJ8fqtgLHt3mv.ipynb) (178.6 KB)

Hey @rohit13595,

It seems like your guided project isn’t uploaded. I can’t see it. Can you please share it again?

Here goes the link:

Uploaded the file:Basics.ipynb (178.6 KB)

Just want to see if I am missing anything in here and towards suggestion to improve the analysis skills

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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