Review: Cleaning Ebay vehicle sales data (Guided Project)

I’d like to submit my project for review.

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@Sahil could you put up another link. The one you put up earlier was removed by me as I have updated my submission.

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Hello Max

I have reviewed your work and I liked few ways you have analysed the data especially the damaged vs undamaged car price comparison.

here are my few points, hope you would consider those points.

  1. I believe regarding the data cleansing of data, we are advised to convert the data into yyyymmdd format and change the type to numeric. I believe you have analysed the dates but have not converted into yyyymmdd format and also finally into numeric data.

  2. we are asked to analyse the names column and see if we can extract any useful information from it as another column. I believe you have mistaken it the date column ( as I see in your comments you have mentioned that there is nothing useful to extract from date)

  3. regarding your insight: brand-model combinations:

One of the brands not in this list is sonstige_autos which does not have a single model listed against it. I believe they might be resellers but I cannot be sure of it.

when I reviewed the data, there are around 252 unique models for the brand “sonstige_autos” and also there are model names which are shared by other brands. However, your insight that this might be a reseller might also be correct.

I am yet to review it completely, I will let you know my feedback on the other areas as I am done reviewing the same.

If you consider this brand as reseller, we can ignore this brand from our analysis. If you wish you to consider this as another brand then we need to take into account all the entries associated with this brand.

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