Review Guided Project - Analyze Factbook Data with SQL


It’s my first course. I finished the project in a clumsy way. I will make more effort from here. Any recommendations are welcome.

I don’t know how to upload my notebook (.ipynb file)!

Thank you so much!

Hey @prof_cristianluca,
Thanks for reaching out to us. We want more project from you.
But I can’t have a look at your project as you have provided the Dataquest guided project link. If I click on this link, it will redirect to my course.

To resolve the issue, just download the project and make a GitHub repository of your project. After that you may paste the link to the nbviewer. If you are still confused, follow the article to get your job done.

Thank you, Zubair!

I hope it’s okay now!

Have a nice evening!

Hi, Zubair!

Thank you!