Review Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Using SQL - Nena


I’ve uploaded my third Guided Project on Github: Project

I am planning on using this as part of my portfolio, would love to get any constructive feedback from the community.

Thanks! :smile:

Hi Nena, congrats on finishing your project. I thought you did a good job. You took the time to give us a short introduction and to summarize what’s happening in the tables after each query. There’s headings too that divide up the text into sections which is really helpful. The one thing I thought was missing was a conclusion that wraps everything up.

Since you’re considering this project for a portfolio, you may want to consider tweaking the title and intro to draw the reader’s interest. Give this style guide article a read and see if there are any tips you take away from it. Not everything in it will apply to this project, but it’s good to keep in mind for the future.

Thanks for sharing with us!

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