Review Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Post - Nena


I just uploaded my second Guided Project on Github: Project

I am planning on using this as part of my portfolio, would love to get any constructive feedback from the community.

Thanks so much! :smile:


Thanks for sharing your project!

This project is a good read throughout - titles, sub-titles, markdowns and comments in code cells make it so. :ok_hand:

just a suggestion - you could use different code cells when trying to print 5 results from segregated posts (ask and show) so that they don’t club up like cell 2.

How did you arrive at the 3 points to consider in the conclusion section? Asking to learn more from your thought process. :slight_smile:

Also, the average no. of comments is different, is this is different datafile. Has it been updated in the mission as well?

Happy learning and coding!

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Appreciate the feedback! :pray: I’ve added some spacing on cell 2 to improve readability.

I downloaded the file directly from Kaggle, which is not sampled. I believe the one used on the mission is sampled?

For the conclusion, I was thinking from the user perspective. I thought if I were to create a Hacker News post based on my recommendation and not get any comments, what other things might have affect it? I thought it might be because the data was from 4 years ago, or maybe if I choose a niche topic people might not be inclined to comment. I also wondered whether upvotes should be a better measure for user engagement…