Review Guided Project-Hacker News Posts

Hello all,
Please give me your valuable suggestions and feedback on this Hacker news project.
Thank you

Python_Intermediate_HackerNews.ipynb (10.6 KB)

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hey @aditya1257

thanks for sharing your project.

why only two markdowns? - one for the title and one for a conclusion.

Perhaps a small intro, context about what the code is actually doing, how to interpret the results obtained.

Also, some changes to present results vertically instead of horizontally with a scroll bar!? :thought_balloon:

Thank you Rucha. This is my initial effort and I have concentrated on results rather than beautification.

Yes, I am still facing some issues on how to interpret the results. I will definitely redo the project and will add a better version. Thank you so much. Please follow me and give me your feed back.

Thank you.

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