Review Guided Project: Making Profitable App for Google play markets and App store


This is my first completed project, I appreciate any feedback offered.

Basics.ipynb (39.4 KB)

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Good work. Congratulations on your first project. :tada:

I think you missed the conclusion part. :sweat_smile:

Little suggestion would be try to write comments in the code whereever it is needed for better understanding of the code. Also, try to explain each and every step you are performing. It would be easy for the user to comprehend easily.

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Thank you for the feedback. I will incorporate the comments in my next work


I think I also have the same suggestions as above.
You wrote this line del android[10472] Since I have done the project, I’m aware why it is written. But someone who doesn’t know about this can’t really understand this without an explanation or inline comment. Hope you have incorporated more markdown cell explanations and inline comments on your second project.