Review Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets - Nena


I’ve uploaded my first Guided Project on Github: Project

I am planning on using this as part of my portfolio, would love to get any constructive feedback from the community.


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Without getting into the technical details of how you have derived it, I liked the way your conclusion was different, and how you infused your ideas.

You have sectioned the project well and have commented on important codes in almost every cell. :ok_hand:
your usage for headers and sub-headers is also cool.

two questions though - why import Operator twice? and why no title for the project. (I understand you have put a ReadMe. but we still land directly at the github page!)

oh when I first loaded on GitHub, the ReadMe was blank. I was able to add a primitive intro just recently. It’s nice to see you have added something on readme as well.

hope to see more of it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, Rucha!

I didn’t realize that it doesn’t have a title :sweat_smile:. I guess I just assumed that the Jupiter notebook name was essentially the title. I’ve updated the title to be within the document now.

Also, the operator might have been copied twice as well. I’ve removed the import on the second line of code.

Thanks again!

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thank you for accepting the feedback. :slight_smile: Happy learning.