Review Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

Hi all,
Sharing my completed guided project: Python Fundamentals.

I’d like the reviewers to focus especially on the final recommendation(and reasoning) I’ve arrived after the analysis and would want to know if the conclusion I’ve made is correct. I was pretty confused, especially after looking at the solution that is provided.

Looking forward to your valuable inputs and comments.

Profitable_Apps_Profiles-AppStore_and_GPlay_Markets.ipynb (61.8 KB)


Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Amazing work on the first Guided Project, Anjali!

I really like how you have described the whole thing. You have even given a description of the explore_data() function.

Here’s my suggestion that might be useful the next time you are trying to describe your functions - create a doctring. Python docstrings are documentation strings that are used to describe a class, module or a function. So, here’s how your function would look like with docstring:

def explore_data(dataset, start, end, rows_and_columns=False):
Helps in exploring datasets.

:param dataset: list of lists
:param start: integer representing the starting index of a slice from the dataset
:param end: integer representing the ending index of a slice from the dataset
:param rows_and_columns: boolean with False as default
    dataset_slice = dataset[start:end]    
    for row in dataset_slice:
        print('\n') # adds a new (empty) line after each row

    if rows_and_columns:
        print('Number of rows:', len(dataset))
        print('Number of columns:', len(dataset[0]))

As far as the final recommendation goes, I think it’s fine as long as it is backed up with a reasoning (which it is, in your case!).

Great job, Anjali!


Thank you @nityesh. Also, thanks for the insights on docstrings.

I’ve edited the post and uploaded a new link to the project with few edits in the markdown. Hope that’s okay.

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