Review of guided-project: Exploring ebay car sales data

Hi everyone,

I just completed the third guided project. I’m really bad at story-telling so my project may not be the best in terms of story telling. Anyways, I took my time and gave it my all. I tried analyzing outside the scope of the project a bit. If you have some spare time please go through my guided project, the more eyes the better, and let me know where my weaknesses are. Don’t go easy with the critisizm please. I need it to improve.

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guided-project-exploring-ebay-car-sales.ipynb (172.9 KB)

Thanks in advance!!

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Hello @adewalade, thanks for sharing your work. Your project looks nice, it is easy to follow along with what you are doing. Once you’ve leaned data visualization, it would be great if you spend some time and visualize some aspects in your data, this will make your project more interesting.

Happy Learning.

After our analysis, we discovered that the Volkswagen was the most popular brand, the sonstige_autos was the most expensive on average and the volvo gave the most mileage.

With that, you already started to give a good data story. I don’t really want to agree with you claim of not being a great story teller. Maybe that is only what you are thinking. In reality, it is not really true. After we have enough data(projects) from you we can do an analysis to find that out :wink:

Anyway your project looks good. A few pointers.

autos['price'] = autos['price'].str.replace('$','')
autos['price'] = autos['price'].str.replace(',', '')
autos['price'] = autos['price'].astype(int)

This can be done in one line as

autos['price'] = autos['price'].str.replace('$','').str.replace(',', '').astype(int)
# or 
autos['price'] = autos['price'].str.replace('\D','').astype(int)

You have discarded cars priced at 0, which is what I had also done. But in this project @Elena_Kosourova found out that there are many people offering their car for free on ebay!! Maybe you should check out this project.

Please do check cell number 26 and see if you need that .loc and if it removes the future warning.

Another thing is that if you translate ‘sonstige autos’ from German to English, you will understand that it means ‘Other autos’. This can change the way we analyse the data.

You have done a great analysis. Great work. Hope this review was helpful. Happy learning.


Hi @jithins123,

Thanks your comment makes me feel more confident about my story telling. I’ve been doing my best to work on it so I’m really happy to hear that its improved. And, yeah. I’d like that lol. Thanks!

I didn’t realize I could chain the replace() method that way. This makes things easier. I’ll include that in my project Thanks a lot! I haven’t gotten around to the regular expressions course yet so I don’t want to use them till I understand how they work.

Really? I didn’t know that. I tried doing a quick google search to confirm if there really were free cars on the german ebay by searching "lowest car prices on german ebay website" and after going through a few blogs and other sites I found I concluded that there weren’t any free cars and if any not many. I’ve gone throught @Elena_Kosourova project and I agree with the both of you. I’ll have to go correct this when I return to the guided project to add some visualization.

Thanks for this tip. I’ve actually been thinking of how to get rid of that warning. I’ll try that

I have a feeling… that name sounded strange to me. I looked it up on google but didn’t find any brands matching it I should have translated it to English that definitely changes the way we analyze the data. Now that I think about it,

should read:

the other autos were the most expensive

That makes more sense.

Your review was very helpful I noticed a lot of ways I can improve and corrections I need to make. It was very Insightful. I still have a long way to go as a data analyst but I’m glad I’m making progress. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you very much for your positive feedback @info.victoromondi. It’s inspiring! Once I’ve completed the data visualization courses I’ll return to this guided project and do some visualization. Thanks for the suggestion!