Review - Project 1- Identifying Opportunities in Android and IOS Apps Markets

Hello All,

I’ve uploaded my first Guided Project on Github: Project . I’d love to hear where you think I did well and what you think I should correct or improve.
You can also find the project here:

I am planning on using this as part of my portfolio, would love to get any constructive feedback from the community.


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hi @prasadkalyan05

I tried to access this project. It gives this error on github.

Kindly reupload the project file. You may take the help of this post for the same.

Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community

Hey @Rucha
Thanks for pointing out. Upon clicking the link which i mentioned above, i am able to access my project.
Here is the snapshot for your reference.

Could you please cross check and let me know if the issue still exists? For your quick reference i am giving you the link again here:

Thanks in advance for your feedback.