Review Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

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Attached is my Project 1.Explore Ebay Cars by Sales Data.ipynb (66.3 KB)

Need data quest community members to review so i can improve in the future.

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Vipul Pathak

Hi Vipul, welcome to the community! Congrats on completing your project.

One part you want to be careful with when making decisions about what rows to drop is to make sure to know information about the dataset. When you dropped rows based on the registration year, for example, you made the decision to go up through year 2020 (since it’s 2020 right now!). If you look back up at the value_counts for the dates of the listings though, all of the dates are in 2016. This would would mean any years beyond 2016 would be inaccurate. There weren’t many of these, so it didn’t affect the analysis on this project much, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Now that you’ve worked through the coding steps, consider adding an introduction and conclusion so that a reader outside Dataquest knows what this project is about, what your goals are, and what conclusions you reached. Communicating this information to readers, along with sharing your thoughts as you work through the steps, helps others to follow your reasoning and conclusions.

Thanks for sharing with us!

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Thank you so much on reviewing my project. I am surely gonna take your suggestion and will try to add all the meaningful and required information as you mentioned in my future projects.