Review project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Dear all,

New week, new project completed!
I hope this will be useful for other learners.
Do not hesitate to share your comments with me.

Best, Elisa
Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (13.0 KB)

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hey @ElisaDellAglio

Based on a swift glance at your project, I wish to highlight a few things:

  • technically you have done the project, you may now focus on attempting the extra questions since this is a small project, to begin with.
  • you had small narrative in-between, perhaps you can think about more context to the code and it’s objective. - This is based on the conclusion part where-in you have added your ideas about outliers and there-by affecting the data.
  • instead of print() command, you may try put the output codes in different cells so that results are displayed vertically and are easily understood (and compared) like the Code Cell 8.

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ community! hope to see more!
happy learning!