Review with feedback and/or comments on Guided project

Guided Project of Analysing NYC High School Data

Will be grateful for comments or feedback on the attached project prior to placing on GitHub repository


Guided project of Analyzing NYC High School Data.ipynb (207.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @KolaT:

Good work overall. Nice visualizations. Perhaps you could more markdown text to pen down the inferences you drew from the data/visualizations to further enhance your project like in this example.

Happy learning!

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Thank you for your encouraging comments.
The “this example” in your reply is linking to the “Guided Star Wars Survey Project” - Is that what you meant?
Also, is the work you had reviewed for me ok enough to be placed on my GitHub account?
Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Sorry for the confusion @KolaT. I meant that the author of the notebook has done a good job in his project and you could reference how he did explanations after the visualizations.

Its ok right now but I think it will be even better if you have more comments on your visualizations.

Hope this helps!