ReviewGuided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets - Adrian

Hi All,

I’ve completed my first guided project on github here:

I am learning to be a data scientist, and would like to use this project as part of my portfolio. I’d appreciate any constructive feedback from the community here. Thanks!

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Welcome to DataQuest @adrianzchmn

Thank you for sharing this project with us.

This is a great read! The project looks sectioned and structured, and you have added a narrative to explain what the code is gonna do, what it has done and the result of it.

My learning from this project is this function average_xpergroup. While working on my own project had not thought of utilizing a function that should take care of both apps with different columns and columns sequence :+1:

overall some clean-up, formatting and consistency in markdowns would help in making project more readable.

Happy to learn together and hope to see more projects!

Hi Rucha,

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Yes, I made the function average_xpergroup to try to simplify the code. Appreciate you for noticing.

I’ll definitely do some more clean up on the data, along with improving the formatting and consistency of the markdown cells, as I keep learning the other contents in the course.