RMarkdown "Back to Top Page Fotter link"

I have a question about PDF output of RMarkdown

When outputting PDF with RMarkdown
I would like to add a link to the footer to return to the top page.
I don’t know how.

Please let me know.


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Hi @innerhoops1219:

Not too familiar with RMarkdown myself. In the case of regular markdown, you can check this article and another specific to R Markdown.

Hope they help!

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Thank you for your reply.

I confirmed the link.
However, the application to PDF output did not go well.

Still do not know.

Thank you for your kindness.

Hi @innerhoops1219,

For an image I use: <a id='fig1'></a> (in a markdown cell above the image (before the cell code outputting the image).
Then if you want to link to the image: [Fig. 1](#fig1) in a markdown cell.

Same with a footnote in a markdown cell: [1](#fn1)
Then into the foot cell:

<span id="fn1">blablabla</span>

So you can try with HMTL <a> or <span>

Are you using nbconvert to convert your notebook into a PDF ? I am curious about that, because I never managed to convert a notebook into a PDF. It just doesn’t work for me.