Rstudio::conf 2020 talks and slides posted

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this, but it didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. All the talks from the recent rstudio::conf event (over 100 apparently!) are posted for free streaming at You can also find talks and resources for previous conference years in the left sidebar. This is part of the main Resources site from RStudio, so there’s lots more to explore as well.

Slides from the 2020 talks are also posted at (though this list is incomplete at this time).

Hope this is of interest!


Hey Chris,

This is interesting! Thanks a lot Chris. Let’s use this topic thread to talk about the the conference. I browsed through 2 videos and here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. I love the Open source software for data science presentation by the founder of RStudio. I am a sucker for origin stories of companies! It was interesting to see his views on having a meaningful contribution in the world was by means of open-source software. Also, I loved seeing the “economic engine” of RStudio. And let’s discuss stakeholder vs. shareholder and PBC!

  2. There’s a Tensorflow for R?? I didn’t know that you could use Tensorflow with R. I don’t think the tutorials on the TF website do a good job in telling us about that.

Hey @chris52. Thanks for posting this here! Best,

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