Run code shortcut


Just wondering if anyone knows how to change chrome or Dataquest shortcuts?

I try to run the code using ALT + SPACE but it pops open a browser window setting like this:

Anyone got a solution for this? I am lazy and love my shortcuts!

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hey @cam.mcbroom

I am not sure if it’s applicable in your case, as your OS/ permission might be different.

This works on Edge browser though. I use that for DQ dashboard.

@alexander.eric.talbo has mentioned about chrome here

This post mentions some short cuts, however some students have reported issues on their laptops.

alt + space doesn’t work for run code on Chrome because it is already a shortcut for Chrome

ive noticed other posts about this. what is the Chrome solution?

im trying to be less mouse dependent and this is really getting in the way

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Sorry about this shortcut issue. I have already informed the product team about it and have brought up Shift + Enter as an alternative shortcut to run code. I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.

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Thanks Sahil! Cant wait :smiley:

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