Run Command Line on Windows and Mac


I have been practicing command line on DQ’s prompt. As my understanding, the commands are for Linux. I have Windows 10 computer and Macbook which some commands I learned on DQ are not applicable?!
Is there any solution to practice command line from my local computer?

Thank you

Hi @trangnthb10:

MacOS has some similar commands at the command line, but some of the functionality is limited. You can download an Ubuntu Virtual Machine to practise. You can also choose to go for a more lightweight solution for Windows–Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Hi @trangnthb10

Most of the teams you know will work in terminal Mac as Unix and Linux are very close systems.

In Windows 10, use the Powershell syntax in it and the commands are much closer to Linux.

You can also use the Linux subsystem on Windows. Virtual machine Ubuntu or Docker if you want to practice directly with the Linux terminal.

@moriturus7 thank you. I will look into your recommended options.

We offer alternatives at the beginning of the first command-line course:

The most common operating systems for laptops and desktop computers nowadays are Linux, OS X and Windows, and they all come equipped with a terminal. Linux and OS X are Unix-like (or *nix) operating systems, that is, they behave like Unix (an old, still in use, operating system), and this similarity has been transported to their respective command language interpreters. Where as Windows’ shells are independent and very different from the others.

Because it’s more common to use Unix-like operating systems in data science, in this course and its successors we’ll be using a Unix shell, namely Bash. It is also possible to run Unix shells on Windows by using a compatibility layer like Windows Subsystem for Linux (displayed in the screenshot above) - an official Windows tool, if you are on Windows 10 and have a 64-bit CPU, or Cygwin. You can access our install guides for these tools here and here, respectively. If you are on Windows, we recommend you wait until the end of the mission before installing one of these alternatives, and we recommend that you definitely install one of these, so you can explore and practice what you learn here on your own.