Running input function after sharing jupyter notebook

I just started a project with a dataframe that has around 30 feature columns, I wanted to do a boxplot for all columns but it became a little messy due to the number of columns and there different scales. That’s why I decided to use the function input so the reader can chose which boxplot he wants to see.

a = input("Input the column's name: ")
print('\n Run the cell below to know the box plot of {} column'.format(a))


Till then everything was fine, but when I exported the file I found out that the reader can’t run the code, so the input cell stays like in the picture below with an already made choice. Does anyone know how to enable the reader to run the code?

Hey there @luiza.licariao!

I tried the same code in the Iris dataset, and everything went well.
Can you try to run the one I wrote and see with you are enable to select the column? Test_notebook_Luiza.ipynb (7.4 KB)

And about those boxplots, if nothing works, you can always use some grouped boxplots. Sometimes it can run your storytelling, but for training, it might be good.

I’m tracking the question! So if the answer I gave didn’t help you, I’m sure someone will come up with some good tips.

Saudações brasileiras :smile:

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hey! Muito bom encontrar um companheiro brasileiro aqui hahah

Thanks a lot for your help! It made me realize that I need to download the file to run the code, when I tried the first time (picture showed) I had only opened the preview :grimacing:.

While I was trying to fix the issue by myself I found this post on medium . It was an interesting topic about interactive dashboards on jupyter notebook. I am sharing it here cause it may also interest someone.

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You are welcome! I was surprised because the code runned so smoothly on my pc. But I’m glad everything went well :smile:
This article is amazing! Especially when we are dealing with maps or other interactive visualizations on jupyter notebook.

Digo o mesmo! Nós estamos espalhados em todas as plataformas de educação hahaha. Qualquer dúvida estamos por aqui.