Sales Product Analysis


I am doing a personal project with sales analysis using Python.

I need to analyze the top sales of a product (Product A). However, the product is identified with a unique number but over time, this product has a slightly better version which comes out and is replaced (Product B) with a new number. The chain of products keeps increasing (Product B may be replaced by Product C) but the revenue is recorded in the sales database according to each product. As in, Product A sold 500, Product B sold 200 and Product C sold 300. The total sale for this collection is 1000.

There are 9000 products. Over time, the number of products keeps increasing (Product A, Product B, Product C, Product D…Product n). There is a sales transaction table and a product table (an increasing number of columns for each product).

How would you approach this problem? Would you have a master product, create a list, and then keeping adding products to that?