Sampling basics and insights

Its getting tough for me to understand sampling,

Need some help on this topic, is anyone having a study material through which i can learn some sampling basics.

I came to this point, coz I was not able to answer any of the question in sampling without looking at given answer, Even the question where it asks for making graph from minutes data, that too went wrong for me,

So I think have to learn more on sampling to get this course up to mark,

Request your help

Thanks :slight_smile: :innocent:

Hi @vinodgchandaliya: Perhaps you could check out these Khan Academy videos. Also note that I recategorized your post.

Cheers! Thank you for giving reference and updating my posts :slight_smile:

I will try my best to watch videos,
Actually m not that good with videos in learning than read and learn,
Can you provide me a PDF link or online URL where i can read and understand :innocent:

hi @vinodgchandaliya

Have you tried the book “Statistics Essentials for Dummies” to begin with? It should be able to clarify a lot of stuff. You can try reading the wiki page itself. That should also cover a lot of concepts.

I got this doc I don’t remember from which site and what purpose I downloaded it for. I haven’t gone through it fully so if this is too advance please ignore.

SamplingTechniques.pdf (534.1 KB)


Thank you @Rucha will go through pdf and let you know :innocent:

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Hi all,

M still looking for a book on this, any suggestion

Have you gone through the entire Wikipedia page? :scream: (Even I haven’t completed that yet) I would suggest you go through that completely once. You will get most of the concepts there itself, plus the links Wiki provides of related and relevant documentation.

DQ’s content helps as well to form a general idea of what to look for, in terms of a book’s content. You will be able to judge a book on amazon or other-website on the content they offer and reviews they have, based on your skeletal understanding itself.

I can’t suggest a book as I haven’t purchased a book to understand sampling only. It’s either grab the concepts of Stats as much as I can from any source available or Google Baba Ki Jai! :stuck_out_tongue: