San Francisco East Bay Meetups & Study Groups

I live in the east bay of San Francisco and work in the city.
If anyone is interested in meeting up or studying it is most welcome.
Thanks kindly.


Hello Marky,

I live in Oakland and will be happy to meet. Let me know how me make it happen.
Thank you

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That is so awesome and a pleasure to meet you.
We can start thinking of a good time to meet and subject and then we can meet at a Starbucks or wherever you most feel comfortable with. We can also communicate online to share ideas if that works.

We can also collaborate on something via Github. I am all about collaboration and learning and helping. Here is my GitHub:

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Hello Marky
I followed you on Github :wink:

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Not sure if you saw the collaboration meeting we are setting.

I have set the meeting time for Friday at 7 pm pst. It will be a 30 min meeting for our initial collaboration sync.
I do not have everyones email so if you would like to attend please refer to the meeting notes google doc.:

If you would like to be added to the calendar invite please update the above document with your first and last name as well as your email address.

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Hi, is this study group still ongoing?