SAT exam bias - wrong work hypotasis

Here we analyse the assumption of the bias of the SAT exam by analysing the successful participants.

that approach is fundamentally foul in that way.
the test tests the knowledge level of the students who finished the US education system. the test therefore cannot be biased, only the education system can, in two ways:

  1. different ethnicity or groups get different education
  2. different ethnicity or groups are treated differently during the education ie. racism or other discrimination.

the test could only be biased if the education channel were different for special groups and the test would favouring on one group. but it is not the case this time.

so what we see is one of the two options above.

i think the proper questioning or work hypothesis is the basic of every research or data project. if the question is false the answer will be false as well, or misinterpreted.

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Guided Project: Analyzing NYC High School Data,
1/6, intro:
New York City has a significant immigrant population and is very diverse, so comparing demographic factors such as race, income, and gender with SAT scores is a good way to determine whether the SAT is a fair test. For example, if certain racial groups consistently perform better on the SAT, we would have some evidence that the SAT is unfair.

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