Scatterplot interpretation : Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

Could someone please advise whether my scatterplot interpretation below is correct?

The graph is not a normal distribution and the data is highly-right skewed with the peak on the left and a long tail to the right and there appears to be a weak-negative-linear relationship between Total and Median.

  • There is a concentration of points in the bottom-left quadrant, where the not as popular majors are located with a large range of values, but the first to third quartiles of the medians seem clustered in the 30-50K range with median range decreasing and staying within this narrow range as totals increase along the x-axis, with the most popular majors in close range of the overall median salary of 36K.**
    ** Without doing a log transformation of the skewed distribution to reduce skew, I would conclude that there appears to be a weak negative correlation between major popularity and earnings.**

Yes , your interpretation is correct and precise.

You can also talk about presence of outliers in your plot.

I see thanks vasheyy.