Schools folder Data Cleaning Walkthrough

Hi! I wanted to ask a question, in the “Data Cleaning Walkthrough” we have to open the files from the “schools” folder, how would we normally know if our data is in a folder? From the list, it does not seem like it does. Thanks!

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We have “reader = pd.read_csv(‘schools/{}’)” line with adressing to ‘schools’ folder with datasets.
It seems there is a virtual space created for every user with link to Dataquest source somewhere on Github, like this.
But it’s only my thoughts.

Thanks Kaish ! I appreciate your help

Normally you’d just use the file explorer in your operating system to see this, or the command-line (something you’ll learn about later).

But you can also use Python to interact with the operating system by using the os module. For instance, the following script lists the files in the current working directory.

import os

Thanks Bruno ! I appreciate your help !