Screen 486-7 Date Wrangling

years = list(range(2011,2015))
months = list(range(1,13))
yearmonths = [y*100+m for y in years for m in months]
yearmonths = yearmonths[:-1]

churn = pd.DataFrame({"yearmonth": yearmonths})
chrun = pd.merge(chrun, monthly_churn, 'left', left_on='yearmonth',right_index=True)

What I expected to happen: the total_chruned from montly_chrun dataframe to appear in the merged dataframe

What actually happened: the final merged column contain duplicates of total_chruned labeled total_chruned_x, total_churned_y duplicated

My solution would be to rename one of these to total_chruned and drop the rest

Please update the instructions

Other details:

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I found the issue after performing dataframe.head() :smiley: Everything is fine :smiley:

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the total_chruned column disappears after performing a fill_na with inplace = true per instructions which is wierd

Fat fingered variable and it is fine :smiley:(also making sure I spell things correctly also helps).

Hi @manandwa,

I would be happy to help you with your query. Can you please provide more details on this?


Hi Sahil,

It’s fixed it was more of an error on my part :smiley:

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I experienced the same occurrence. After hitting the merge statement again and churn.head() it disappeared