Screen 8: Instructions clarification

I really struggled with the problems in screen 8 of the because I could not understand what the instructions were asking me to do. Specifically, this section:

  • The maximum between Price and cheap_mean for the cheap apps, rounded to two decimal places
  • **The maximum between Price and reasonable_mean** for the reasonable apps, rounded to two decimal places.

I read the instructions many times, but I still couldn’t understand what was being asked. I ended up looking at the solution and finally understand that what’s being asked here is to return whichever is greater, the current price or the mean.

I can see how the instructions were intended to convey that, but the way use of the phrase ‘maximum between’ is quite convoluted in my opinion. I’m posting this here in case anyone else finds this confusing in the future. Hopefully you will be able to solve the screen without looking at the solution like I did!

Hi @meganh44

please tag the mission/course link for the community to be able to help you. Thanks.