Second Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Feels good to have completed another project (progress yay!! :grinning:). it was relatively easier than the 1st and the major challenge was working with the datetime.strptime() constructor and strftime() method but i think i’m starting to fully grasp it.
Still learning so take a look at my notebook and any kind of feedback is welcome. cheers!
Exploring_Hacker_News_Posts.ipynb (14.1 KB)

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Hi @etinosabogie,

I completely agree with you that 2nd project was much quicker than the Profitable app one. And yes, strptime() took some time to get used to.

I had a look at your project. It looks good. But a couple of suggestion.

I think it will be great if you can add some inline comment to your code, so that it will be easier to read on a later time.

Second, you haven’t mentioned which timezone this analysis has been made. It is given in the instructions too. For a person living in a different timezone, our analysis wouldn’t give desired result if we don’t mention the timezones. So please have a look at that.

Other than that, it all looks good to me. Happy learning.

Thank you for the feedback, i will work on add more comments to my code. Also while I did not mention the time zone, I indicated the state and country that I am in. Thanks once again. Cheers.