Second Guided Project

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@danielsaotome ,
Very lovely to have you present your project for review.
Here are my takes:

  1. Your introduction started with “This project is about this and that”. It was a bit confusing as I guessed you were trying to add links that didn’t appear. The next was a bullet point with main activities, where are they? Your objective to assist developers understand which apps are likely to attract users is quite understanding and straight forward.

Your introduction is always the first impression you send out to fellow data professionals, potential recruiters and non-tech readers. It is IMPORTANT to be very concise and very meaningful.

  1. Starting your codes without comments and also ignoring comments through out your project will make your reader feel lost and this is not what you would want.

  2. Here:

you imported reader 2x within a cell code which is unnecessary but should be done once at the beginning of any data analysis project.

  1. Printing 1,181 duplicated app names in your notebook increases the length of your notebook unnecessarily. You have the count already and if you decide to delete them, you can just go ahead.

  2. You have your last code cell with a “NameError”. This is not a good idea as all your codes must run without errors while submitting your project for review. You may need to rerun your entire notebook.

  3. Communication of Insights in a key section of data analysis projects and this should be under your Conclusion heading. I didn’t find any.

  4. Your cleaning process is commendable and creating a clean copy of your data is a wise thing to do.

A good project you have that awaits your upgrade. Well done.