Second Project_App Store and Google Play Apps

Second Project

Hi, this is my second project where I describe the profile for a profitable app in the Apps Store and Google Play markets. In this project I first cleaned and formatted the data and then proceeded with its analysis.

Second_project_apps.ipynb (109.1 KB)

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@raul.zura1991 congrats :handshake: on completing your project.

Below are a few pointers that I have (Click on the arrow bullet points for the detailed review.):

Presentation Style
  • Once you feel you are done with the project, re-run the entire project so that the cells start from [1]. This makes it easier for reviewers like me to refer to cells also reduces the confusion when jumping from cell [25] to cell [151] This ensures that the cells are contiguous.

  • It would be good to include a better introduction section. This helps to give better context to the analysis. You could include such details as what the data set it about, where you got it from etc.

  • A conclusion section also adds a lot of value. It shows your opinion based on the analysis you have carried out. It could include such details as what were the results of your analysis and what your take on the same is. You could also include whether your analysis is based on some experience.

  • It is appreciable that you give context to every section. Some people often skip and go straight to the coding, which is definitely the most interesting part.

Coding Style
  • I would encourage the use of comments in your code. A simple “#” followed by what you did in that bit of code would go a long way when you plan to revisit this code, if you choose to re-do the same once you have gained more knowledge.
  • I would encourage the use of meaningful variable names, e.g. In cell [151] you create a variable called lt for a list. It is best to give a meaningful name like android_apps to improve readability, especially during a later review.
  • You may not have learned this function, but you could use it to round your numerical output to make the look cleaner. e.g. Cell[198] you could set this bit of code to
 for entry in table_sorted:
        print(entry[1], ':', entry[0].round(2) #Rounds output to 2 decimal places
  • I have not gone to in-depth in the code as I feel, you have done mostly what has been given as per the instructions
  • Once you have got a hold on visualizations. I recommend that you re-do this project and add a couple of visualizations. They add a lot more value to your analysis

Hope that was helpful. Keep the magic :dizzy: going on!

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