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Section Feedback

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve found this section (‘Working with Missing Data’) to be a real drag - I just haven’t really found it to be a compelling standalone resource that furthers my skill level. The previous sections covering lambda and regex were great in comparison.

Just wondering if anyone feels the same? Maybe I’m losing motivation - anyone else struggles with this?

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It covers a very important and relevant concept of imputation that is often used when working with missing data. Was there anything specific that made it less interesting for you or why you think it didn’t further your skills?

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Thank you for your response, Doc, and apologies for the delayed response.

I think I was just having a motivational setback/relapse.

You’re right, there are some key lessons and techniques in this session, and the data is relatively interesting.


Can completely understand! Hopefully, you are feeling better now. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or just post in the Community to try and connect with other learners if that happens again.

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