Seek your valuable feedback and suggestions on my guided project : Analyzing NYC High School Data

Hi everyone,

After few months of silence, it’s time to share my guided project : Analyzing NYC High School Data. Though I took time to complete this tough project, at the end I am really happy about the outcome of my work. As a newbie, This project was really important to me as I could add bunch of new techniques and concepts to my knowledge base.
I would really appreciate if any of you can review my project and give me a feedback on my work.
Thank your and Regards

Analyzing NYC High School Data.ipynb (235.3 KB)

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Hi @Scylla

What an amazing project!, The introduction part is very informative, the aim/objectives , the information background of the datasets, have been well presented and in an organized manner. The comments and the explanations given are just wonderful , thumbs up for the good work mate.I have gained a lot going through your project, never imagined of setting a display option, even customizing colors to use in the plots , I appreciate this buddy. It’s also interesting and motivating that despite claims that the project was tough, you still went a head to provide new techniques and recommendable workings, so encouraging indeed. I still doubt the fact you are a ‘newbie’ :smile:, the work you have presented is beyond that. Just a suggestion, most of the columns’ names have been abbreviated, and therefore for better understanding , you could given the descriptions of such columns. Otherwise for me, everything looks good and just congratulating you for the good work.

Happy Learning!