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Seeking Feedback, 'Employee Resignation Survey (Guided Project: Analyze Employees Exit Survey)

Dear colleagues, I am seeking your feedback, guidance and any comments you might have for this Guided Project:’ Analyze Employees Exit Survey’

I can feel that this type of guided project would be quite applicable for many future real data analysis projects
What I sense is that my ability to relate between the problem at hands and the kind of data cleaning solutions that I need to deploy is starting to gain some connections. Albeit the things that I need to memorize are still felt daunting.
Basics.ipynb (252.0 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

I’m getting a 500 when I try to click through on the notebook link.

Hi TenzinRose,
sorry to hear that. I didn’t know what went wrong. I try to edit it and hope it’s OK now.