September 2019 Scholarship Cohort Study Buddies

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for some Study/ Accountability Buddies who are going through the Data Analyst Track on DataQuest. I was hoping we could post about our progress or share interesting articles throughout this three-month journey on this thread. I noticed @dennis.david02 and @preciousekome recent post so I am tagging you two to see if you are interested.



I’m down for that too chief, good evening…

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That will be really interesting. I am a python beginner. Getting together and sharing bugs and breakthrough should our development faster.
So I’m in


Yes I am in too
I am going through Data Scientist - Python Track


I am here too for the Data scientist Track

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that would be great i’m also interested :+1:

I am in the Data Science with Python track. I am in.

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@zaynaibg, I’m interested in being a study buddy. Awesome Idea by the way.

thanks for bringing this up, i’m in. an enthusiastic computer vision and IoT engineer

Wow… I am interested, I am R beginner for data analysis. Thank you

I would love to join you all too. I am just about to start the fundamentals of Python project now.

I am in. I am in the Data Science with Python track.

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I’m so very interested too.

This would be great.

I’m on “Exploring data with Pandas:intermediate”.

Hi Ola,

I would be interested in studying with you guys. I’m working on the Data Analyst (Python) track right now.


#I am interested too

This sounds great, very interested!

Sorry for the late reply everyone.
How about we do this we will state our goals for the week and then reply to the thread in a week’s time and share if we accomplished our goals. We will also share what went well and what went wrong and try to improve on our next week’s goals.
How does that sound?
If anyone has any suggestions on making this community more engaging I’m all ears.

@vik Has there been other study groups on DataQuest in the past? If so do you know what made them successful?

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I am on the Data Analysis Path.

This week’s goal is to complete the Intro to Python courses
Setup Anaconda with VS Code Editor on my local machine
Write a blog post on medium about the guided projects.

How about everyone else’s goals for this week?


That’s a good way to start.

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I just concluded the “Exploratory Data Visualization” course now.

For this week, I plan to conclude the “Storytelling Through Data Visualization” course and if possible, the “Data Cleaning and Analysis”.

In all, I plan to conclude step 2 in the “Data Analyst in Python” path this month.

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