September 2019 Scholarship Cohort Study Buddies

Can I also join plz?

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Hi zaynaibg! I’m doing the data analyst track (in python) too! Would love to be your study buddy. My time zone is GMT -5, and I’m usually on dataquest on the evenings. I try to do 1 lesson a day. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t. Let me know if you’re still interested.

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Am interested, a newbie, learning R for data science. Currently on guided project: install RStudio.

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Of course, you can join anytime. Just write your goals for the week and how is everything is progressing so far.

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Yes I am also interested …

I think this is incredibly needed. I’ve started and stopped multiple times going through Dataquest because I feel like I didn’t have accountability or community involvement. I’m interested in this and will go through the steps as needed!


Hey guys, good evening…it has been quite hard trying to come on the community because I dont receive notifications for messages here (I dont know if I’m the only one facing this challenge), but I’ve created a slack group…

So we can all relate better…

If you’re also interested in joining the link is

Hoping to see you guys there

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Hey @preciousekome!

You can actually set up your email notifications in your preferences! You can get notifications from whatever categories or users are most important to you, and what emails you’d like to get and at what intervals. Give those preferences a look!

You can also set your browser to push notifications, so you know what you’ve been responded to, etc.

You can join anytime. Just post what you are doing and what your goals for the week are.

How is everyone doing? I’ve havent made much progress. I got sick this week. :sneezing_face: Hoping to get through the Python Data Analysis track Numpy Fundamentals. @obatemitope It seems like you are making great progress through the curriculum. What are you goals for this week? You got any study tips for the rest of us?

Hey @zaynaibg,
Hope you’re getting better now?
Your goal for the week is a good one and is very achievable.
I finished the storytelling through data visualization course last week and I’m planning to start and if possible, finish the Data cleaning and Analysis course this week. It’s not been easy but it’s been very interesting.

Hey Everyone!

I joined Dataquest, yesterday. I’m working on the Data Science in Python track. I’m also working on the linear algebra course from MIT. My goal is to hit the heavy math and the data science together. I’m not sure how to gauge the number of classes I want to complete in a week, because I’ve only done a couple. I think my goal is by the 24th to do:

18 hours devoted to Dataquest
5 lectures from the MIT class.

That might be ambitious, but I think I can do it.


A tall order yet very achievable.

You’re welcome.

I’m also interested, I’ve completed 32% of the data science track by now. pls add me to any group whatever.

I am on Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough. Data Scientist -Python Track

Data Analyst track. I’m in

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I’m desperately in need of study partner in Data Science track. I’ve noticed that i’m losing motivation in this track, maybe because i’m doing it alone or i don’t have a job where i can apply skills acquired so far. Please guys, i’m so passionate about this field that i do not want to give up now.

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