Shahzaib saleem's first guided project Jupyter

Guided Project_ Prison Break.tar (81.5 KB)

Basics.ipynb (75.6 KB)

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Congratulations @shahzaibsaleem665 on finishing your first guided project. It looks good. If you ask me, I’d like to see a bit more introduction to get the context of this project.

Also code comments that explains the logic or reasons behind certain codes. It will also help you on a later date to remember why you wrote certain lines of codes.

You have mentioned that “The most attempts at breaking prison with helicopter occured in 1986,”. Though there are a few other years with 3 escapes. It would be great to add a conclusion section at the end and list out all the conclusions you have derived from this analysis. Hope this helps.

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appreciated your feedback, I couldn’t go back to the same project to make changes but I have shared a new one on Traffic Flow, I have tried my best to cover the details you mentioned. I hope that will be a much better one.

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