Share a video of you completing a Mission!

Ever watch a Let’s Play for your favorite video game? Well there’s a new game in town, and it’s called Dataquest!

Your challenge: make a Youtube video of you completing a Mission that demonstrates your struggle to learn (and perhaps your sense of humor)! Choose a Mission you’ve never seen and work through it, or pick your favorite one and talk about what you felt, thought, and learned as you go through the screens. Most of all, have fun and let your personality shine through!

Share your YouTube link here so we can all see what goes on in someone else’s head!

Viewers - be sure to leave a comment on videos from others as well!

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Here is my video!


The link wasn’t working (it goes to your studio?), but I was able to get to it with this link (in case others want to see!):

I’m impressed you did this! :heart_eyes: I’m not brave enough to put my thought processes on camera. :sweat::sweat: I hope it inspires more!