Share with us - Feedback on Assessments

Hey there, learners!

Some of you may have tried the assessments in our 3 new SQL courses. Assessments are our latest product offering that are only present in these 3 courses right now!

As we expand and introduce assessments in other courses, we would like your feedback on this first version of the assessments.

Please reply below :point_down: to tell us more about:

  • What did you like about them?
  • What do you want to change about them?
  • What other features do you want to add in them?

I love the assessments.

You should definitely consider making them available for each course.

You don’t really know how much you understand the material until you get some kind of test. For me, these assessments are working great for that purpose. When I don’t get points for a specific skill, I am forced to get back and review. It is helping tremendously in cementing the concepts and with retention.

Also I love that you keep putting the previously learned material into each new topic assessment; that too helps with retention which is what I struggle the most with.


Assessments are great!!! :+1:

Definitely you should expand them to other courses. I think they are fundamental for learning because you put in practice all your knowledge at that point to implement a set of requirements.

Later you think, wait a minute, even though my code works am I following the style guidelines recommended for this language?. I like that I have to write code that is functional but also is understandable by others to successfully complete my Assessments. All this is possible with the existence of an assessment.

In one line I could say that assessments refine my coding and problem solving skills.



Having completed all the SQL fundamentals assessments (and having a couple of questions still without an answer because I’m stuck with them) I would say you should really take into consideration the possibility of implementing the solutions at the end of the assessment. For some questions I keep failing and I don’t know why, because I can’t see what I’m doing wrong. And this way I am not pushing my learning further as I would.


Hi, I like the platform where you learn and practice the course. I would like to access the assessments which tell me where actually i am standing and in which area i need to practice more. it would be nice if you allow assessment access for everyone. so that they know better about there knowledge on any program.

I agree with you. I have some sql queries that are being marked wrong and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. At least show how Dataquest would’ve done them. It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to see where you went wrong based on something weird. Additionally, some of the questions could be better written.